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Poetry as a way of life! With this slogan, poet Daniela Seel and graphic designer Andreas Töpfer founded the publishing house kookbooks in 2003. The program is "a poetic treasure trove without comparison," the list of authors "like an encyclopedia entry 'German poetry of the 21st century', written in the year 2050" (Haus für Poesie). The congenial interplay of word and image, which has received numerous awards from the Stiftung Buchkunst, lives from the changeable handwriting of Andreas Tofer.

In conversation with Martina Hefter, Sabine Scho and Uljana Wolf, he takes us through the history of the style-defining publishing house and outstanding volumes of poetry from the last 20 years: "It could also be beautiful," when "false friends" and "my most beautiful lengevitch" go "into the woods, steal wood for a bed," find "animals in architecture" and bind an "album" from their "colors," which the four birthday guests present on the Literaturhaus stage.
Drawing: © Andreas Töpfer

Date: 7/4/2023, 7:30 p.m.
Venue: Literaturhaus Freiburg, Bertoldstraße 17
Admission: 9/6 euros

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