5th symphony concert

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Richard Wagner: A FAUST OVERTURE Ektoras Tartanis: Concerto for harp, baritone and orchestra ERATO PSALTRIAN Mikis Theodorakis: Symphony No. 1 Mikis Theodorakis is not only a legend in Greece: He is not only the composer of the film music for ALEXIS SORBAS and the famous SIRTAKI as well as numerous key works of modernism, but he was also a politician, a human rights activist, a man of the people. The conductor and composer Ektoras Tartanis, who also comes from Greece and lives in Freiburg, met Theodorakis in his old age and admired him greatly - and he promised him that he would perform his rarely performed Symphony No. 1, his symphonic debut. Now, two and a half years after Theodorakis' death, we can fulfill this promise! The piece, written in the midst of the bloody turmoil of the Greek civil war, is influenced by Central European models and bears witness to a struggle for a language of his own between his roots in folk culture and the European avant-garde. In the narrative of our season, Theodorakis' youthful work is a bridge to the next symphony concert, in which Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 1 will be performed. However, our conductor Ektoras Tartanis is not only a conductor, but also a composer. We are proud to premiere his new concerto for harp, baritone and orchestra: ERATO PSALTRIAN. Erato was the muse of love poetry and was often depicted with a stringed instrument, a psaltery ... Richard Wagner and Faust: isn't the Bayreuth composer himself a Faustian figure, constantly searching for the philosopher's stone, for the meaning of life? His FAUST OUVERTÜRE is in a way a concentrate of a never-completed symphony on the subject - one of Wagner's few works explicitly for the concert hall!

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05/03/2024 / 07:00 PM / Green tree Merzhausen

Songs, songs, live, musical enjoyment of a special kind by LARiSSa KoLTes & Piano ! ❤️🧡💛 Come in, join in, feel groovie, feel fine !

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