7th Freiburg Choral Night

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In the fall of 2014, a working group of choir directors and managers interested in further intensifying cooperation in the Freiburg choral scene was formed on the fringes of the network meeting of Freiburg concert choirs initiated by the Department of Culture. Frank Leenen (Herdermer Vokalensemble) put forward the idea of a Freiburg Choir Night, the concept of which was then developed by Lukas Grimm (Freiburg Chamber Choir), Julia Ortmann (Camerata Vocale Freiburg), Nina Ruckhaber (Freiburg Jazz Choir) and Bernhard Schmidt (John Sheppard Ensemble Freiburg) and presented to the Freiburg concert choirs. The enthusiastic response from the choirs led to the successful realization of six Freiburg Choir Nights.

The wide range of choirs, from large oratorio choirs, student choirs and vocal ensembles to pop and jazz choirs, and the consistently high standard of the performances, most of which were sung a cappella, were an impressive testimony to the quality and efficiency of Freiburg's choral scene.

The great popularity of this mini festival of choral music has motivated the participating choirs to organize an annual choir night. The events take place in cooperation with the Cultural Office and are sponsored by Sparkasse Freiburg and the foundations of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.

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