Acrylic/Mixed Media. The lightness of colors - a sensual experience

Acrylic painting, the epitome of massive, colorful large-format paintings, known for a significant and expressive brushwork can also tune quite different, soft and gentle tones. The possibility to combine the lightness of the watery painting style with the weightiness of the compact color application gives pleasure and creates an interesting melange. We will play with colors, shapes and surfaces, control chance and thus develop images that can have both figurative and abstract elements. Overdrawings with colored pencils, crayons and inks concretize contents without dominating them. Through the transparency of the individual layers of color and material, colors and structures add up to interweavings that encourage you to look at them.Thus, the tubes of acrylic paints, both very fluid and pastose processed, combined with the well flowing airbrush colors lead to fantastic image solutions. The goal of this workshop is to let go, to get involved in the magic of colors and to cross borders. The joy of the work is our goal!

Course leader: Waldschmidt, Brigitte. The course instructor is a graduate designer and painter. More at

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