Äl Jawala

Depth and dance: saxophones, drums and percussion are the pillars of the Jawala sound - enhanced by voice, synthesizer and didgeridoo. Sometimes playful-instrumental and or#ental, sometimes electronic and club-oriented, Äl Jawala offer a unique mixture of party and concert experience. Profundity and danceability go hand in hand. And at their concerts, the band always loves to create space for extensive improvisation. When their fireworks ignite on stage, there is no stopping them. Äl Jawala radiate pure positive energy that goes straight to the heart. You should definitely experience this band up close at a live concert. With their do-it-yourself philosophy, Äl Jawala have gone amazing ways since their foundation in 2000. From street music to festival stages and all the way to China, Canada and India. They were among the first to combine club beats and hip hop with wild, oriental brass sections.

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