International Accordion Festival

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Accordionale - International Accordion Festival

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When accordionist and festival founder Servais Haanen invites you to the Akkordeonale, one thing is certain: it will be a feast!
Innovative, exhilarating and refreshingly different, you can experience the accordion at its best. Since 2009, the Dutchman has been gathering musicians from a wide variety of countries every year for a surprising ensemble mix across all styles. Whether traditional or contemporary, folkloristic, classical, jazzy - the program full of sparkling temperament, esprit and poetry is a single declaration of love to the instrument of unlimited possibilities. Subtle Nordic highlights, breathtaking virtuosity from Serbian to classical, passionate Mediterranean canzoni, unconventional Austrian jazz gems, Dutch sound aesthetics, grooving flugelhorn and masterful atmospheric harp playing are the ingredients that make up this year's Accordionale.

And - no Accordionale without Servais Haanen's cabaret-ready moderation! At the heart of the concert are pulsating alternations of solos and ensemble pieces and exciting interactions between the musicians*. As different as their personalities, cultural backgrounds and playing styles may be - the common language of music creates a lively understanding that does not care about borders and dividing lines. Improvisational talent, spontaneity and fun at the joint concert combine the musical richness of the individuals to something new, never heard before.

A feast of sounds! Adrenalin and soul balm!

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