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There are singers all over the world who are worth listening to, who unleash an enjoyable song and an unforgettable sound. There are very few singers in the universe who have that absolutely unique sound that is instantly and unquestionably recognizable. That captivating, tingling, soulful, big voice that warrants superstar status.
Anastacia is exactly that. A superstar.
Anastacia is blessed with a voice that can be heard on every continent and a musical force to be reckoned with. From the moment she stepped into the spotlight in 1999, she quickly rose to international fame and in just two years was named the world's best-selling "new female pop artist". The powerful voice behind chart-toppers such as the multi-platinum hit "I'm Outta Love", "Paid My Dues" and "Left Outside Alone" has captivated millions with over 30 million records sold and countless accolades, including more than 225 awards in 31 countries and number one hits in 19 countries.
Anastacia's musical career is a testament to her resilience and unwavering passion. There are many singers around the world who create unforgettable sounds, but few have that unmistakable sound that captivates you. Anastacia is one such rarity. The translation of her name into Greek, 'Resurrection' (also the title of her 2014 album), speaks volumes about the trajectory of her career. Her music is a continuous evolution, reflecting her experiences, challenges and triumphs.

Her commitment to her fans is evident in her numerous tours that have taken her across Europe, Asia and Australia, proving her international appeal. Her most recent tour, the 'I'm Outta Lockdown - The 22nd Anniversary Tour' (2022/23) celebrating the 22nd anniversary of her debut 'I'm Outta Love', allowed Anastacia to reunite with her fans in the UK and Europe and begin a new chapter in her musical journey.
After seven studio albums from "Not That Kind" in 2000 to "Evolution" in 2017, Anastacia released her eighth studio album under the Stars by Edel label, "Your Songs", in 2023. "Your Songs" is Anastacia's love letter to Germany, recording some of the country's most popular songs over the years and performing them in English. The result presents some of the greatest anthems in a work that can now be presented to an international audience for the first time. For her breathtaking interpretation of Peter Maffay's "So bist du", "Just You", the German singer even joined Anastacia in the studio for a brand new duet version; and she will accompany Peter as a special guest on his 2024 Farewell Tour. "Your Songs" entered the charts at number 2 in Germany, number 5 in Austria and number 8 in Switzerland, giving her another hit album.

From her early hits to her recent chart successes, Anastacia's music has always been a reflection of her dedication, passion and resilience. Over the years, Anastacia has not only been a solo artist, she has been a movement, a voice and a musical sensation. Her enduring spirit and her ability to inspire audiences old and new time and time again make her a very special artist.

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