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Anne Folger was born in Weimar and lives in Kirchzarten. But that doesn't matter. She travels everywhere where wishes are unfulfilled, collects raindrops on passenger forms and bonus points on daydreams.
Is mindful divided by eight lonely? Does cucumber juice keep dreams fresh or can Spman eat himself right away? Where can you find real talismans? Depending on the initial situation, Ms. Folger steps in as legal counsel Pour Adeline, composes music that elevators would love and consistently separates herself from bad moods.
Her motto: No matter where life takes place, it wants to be played!

Anyone who has ever seen the award-winning entertainer with her keen powers of observation live on stage knows that her evenings are always a varied mix of cabaret, stories, her own songs, stand-up and great compositions. Lightning clever, charming, cheeky and enigmatic. With art in their hearts, music in their stomachs, mischief on their necks and a sharp tongue, this evening is one thing above all else: promising!

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Photo: Ellen Schmauss

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