Ansa Sauermann & Band (+Support) - You get what you need (Tour 2023)

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Ansa Sauerman has become something of a cult star in circles interested in beautiful songwriting. After the debut album "Weiße Liebe" released in 2017, his sophomore album "Trümmerlotte" ensured further notoriety despite pandemic (and a multitude of ecstatic live performances, among others in the supporting program of Faber). The Dresden native, who has long since arrived in Vienna, sings full of rough edges about searching and finding, building and destroying. On 23.06.2023 his third and by far best work "Du kriegst was du brauchst" will be released on the lottery label of his Viennese management (redelsteiner).

According to an old rock'n'roll cliché, the third album is the make or break album. It is said that it decides whether a newcomer's career finally realizes its full potential and climbs into the Champions League, or whether it will bob along forever. If the cliché is true, Ansa Sauermann will be a pop star this year. Album No. 3 is his masterpiece. Romantic, poetic and fiery as ever. The boisterous power pop of the advance single ,,Erfolglos" signals that Ansa is still hungry and overflowing with passion and lust for life. Let's not kid ourselves. It's just beautiful.

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Photo: Susanne Hassler-Smith

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