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APRIL ART, the new generation of German rock music!

They are modern, fresh, cheeky and give courage, strength and optimism. Exactly what the world needs now so urgently!

Beauty and the Beast, here in one person - Lisa-Marie Watz, the front woman of the band. Chris Bunnell, Ben Juelg and Julian Schuetze provide the vocal force of nature with an instrumental, brute podium.

The first single V.Ö.s ,,Break Out" (2020) and ,,Break the Silence" (2021) showed that musically it has been going in the right direction for quite some time. These made it directly onto the playlists of top rock radio stations like RADIO BOB!, ROCKANTENNE, Radio21 and Star FM. Also the TV stations WDR and HR became aware of the band and invited them to the formats ,,WDR Rockpalast" and ,,bühnefrei" in 2021.

In APRIL 2022 they went on their first European tour. For the double headliner tour of DARK TRANQUILLITY and ENSIFERUM APRIL ART were invited as special guest for 15 shows where they toured for the first time in France and Spain and stood on the big stages of Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Bilbao, Paris, Bordeaux, Grenoble and many more and were celebrated by the fans in the sold out halls.

Their current album ,,POKERFACE", which the band self-produced in early 2022 and self-released in the summer without a label, enjoyed great popularity and the limited fan boxes were sold out in no time.

In summer 2022 APRIL ART were booked for more than 20 festivals and rocked on famous festivals like ROCK HARZ, BLIZZARRRD Festival, Belgian ALCATRAZ FESTIVAL or Czech mega event ROCK CASTLE Festival.

Who has seen APRIL ART once, knows what it is all about. This band does not do things by halves. Throughout the entire repertoire there is a common thread - a fantastic female voice with several facets. A rock tube with an insane amount of dirt and strong emotions at the same time. Coupled with the rhythm section that runs through like a machine, the incredibly fat guitar sounds and solos that make your head spin and the countless electronic gimmicks, APRIL ART unleashes an energy that just blows you away.

...and so the journey continues. In spring 2023 APRIL ART will tour Germany as a special guest with JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE, then in summer they will rock the festivals in the European region, before going on their own 20-show headlining tour in autumn!

APRIL ART....a band on the fast lane!

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