Watercolor Intensive. Vis-à-vis: 20th century expressionism as the driving force behind modern art

We deal with the "palette" of selected artists of the 20th century who founded so-called Expressionism. With its emotional use of color and radical formal language, it is considered a provocation to the conventional academic style as a pioneer of modern art. Viewing, perceiving and approaching its characteristic world of color and form will inspire us to apply color in a powerful, impulsive and direct manner. Whether wet-on-wet technique or application on dry paper plays no significant role in the relaxed yet strictly composed expressive painting style. What is decisive is the desire for strong colors and the joy of uninhibited work. To go to, and perhaps beyond, the limits of what one is familiar with, inspired by role models who did everything in their power to unreservedly give pictorial expression to their inner voice. Tracing this attitude and experiencing it visually can motivate and inspire us to realize our own motifs in this sense.

Course leader: Lord, Birgid. The course instructor is a freelance visual artist - studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe - and has been a lecturer for many years, including at the European Academy of Fine Arts Trier.

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