Break Open! Places of the new feminist movements in Freiburg 1972 (guided tour)

Price: 12.00€

In cooperation with VISTAtour and the ARGE Freiburger Stadtbild -InDecember 1972, students of the University of Education initiated a new awakening of the feminist movements in Freiburg. On our walk, we present interesting actions and happenings from that time and tell about beginnings that have meanwhile become organizations with a long history - such as the Freiburg Women's and Children's Protection Center or the Women's and Girls' Health Center. We stop at the former women's center in Luisenstraße and at Glacisweg, the site of a legendary self-organized daycare center. At the beginning, there will be sound bites from the feminist studio cast of Freie Radio Dreyeckland at the Grethergelände. - Registration required.

Course number: 231109524

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All information is provided without guarantee.