Expansion of heating networks in Freiburg

The heat turnaround and the associated expansion of district heating networks are currently occupying many people in the Freiburg urban area and beyond. But which districts of Freiburg are generally suitable for heating networks? How can I connect my building to a (new) heating network? And where can I get further support for replacing my heating system?

This information event will provide you with answers to your questions! Experience exciting insights into the future of Freiburg's heat supply!

First, Magdalena Magosch from the City of Freiburg will give you a compact presentation of the content and goals of the Masterplan Wärme Freiburg 2030. You will receive valuable information about the potential expansion areas for heating networks in the Freiburg city area.

Afterwards, Christian Paul from badenovaWÄRMEPLUS will give an insight into the previous and current implementation as well as the planned expansion of heating networks in Freiburg. He will also explain what you need to do to connect your property to a heating network.

The event will conclude with a moderated question and answer session. Here you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and receive further recommendations from the speakers.

This event is primarily aimed at citizens of Freiburg from the areas suitable for the expansion of the heating network. If your building is located in such an area, you can find out here to find out. The event is organized by the consulting office "Kommunale Wärmeplanung" in cooperation with the city of Freiburg.

Register via the online form or call us at 0761 79177-0.

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