Baden Uffdischt

Price: 62.00€

The hostess for this menu is Petra Rehm-Hug.
She cooks for you at her home in the Steinmühle in Horben, only 10 km away from Freiburg, fresh and regional on her wood stove. The menu is served in a convivial atmosphere in the cozy dining room. If it is cold outside, you can look forward to the warm tiled stove. Here only good things come to the table - traditional dishes of the upscale cuisine from local ingredients - original and regional.
- Quiche for appetizer
- Roast goat with noble mushrooms from the mushroom farm Rein, seasonal vegetables, homemade pasta
- Vegetarian: mushroom maultaschen on a bed of vegetables
- Cheese plate: goat and cow cheese with wood-fired bread
- Dessert Secret

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All information is provided without guarantee.