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Stocky's Bächle walk with Stocky, the original Bächleputzer! Freiburg has a lot to offer and the Freiburger Bächle are certainly one of the biggest landmarks of the city in Breisgau. They are a world-famous tourist attraction, which exists in this form only in the sunny city in the southwest. It is undisputed: The Freiburger Bächle belong to Freiburg like the cathedral and the Black Forest, no city tour or travel guide can do without them.

The Freiburger Bächle as a historical irrigation and drainage system an innovation from and in the Middle Ages are workplace of Alain, our real Bächleputzer, which is affectionately called Stocky by the Freiburgers. As a Bächleputzer, he keeps a daily eye on the many watercourses from the Middle Ages that run through the historic center of the Black Forest metropolis in Baden. The small channels are called Bächle in the Alemannic dialect, and Alemannic is also Stocky's mother tongue.

During the Bächle walk with our Stocky, he will take you on a walk through Freiburg's old town along selected Bächle, mind you in his Alemannic dialect. He gives exclusive insights behind the scenes of the Bächle system and into probably the oldest profession in the city in Breisgau, that of the Bächleputzers.

The one or other anecdote from its so sometimes nevertheless to the Schmunzeln inspiring experiences from its occupation everyday life as well as from many centuries Bächle stories has Stocky surely also in the luggage!

And all this only exclusively in the city tour program of Freiburg's Living Sight, Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ. Have fun!

Please note the following brief information:
- Informative and interactive (questions allowed!) Bächle walk with the original Bächleputzer Stocky.
- The focus is on Freiburg's brooks and the activities and profession of the brook cleaner.
- Guided by Stocky, the original Freiburger Bächleputzer!
- Duration of the tour about 90 minutes
- Participation from 18 years or from 6 years accompanied by a parent/guardian
- Please note our rules for participation in city and pub tours at
- Please note for all city tours our instructions due to the coronavirus at
- The Freiburger Bächle are subject to regular inspections as well as maintenance and cleaning work, for which the central water supply can be changed or switched off. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the Bächle will have water on every event date.
- This city tour will always be led by Stocky only, both in the exclusive and the public version.
- We will try to arrange a meeting with Betty BBQ during the Bächleputzer City-Tour, but this is usually not possible due to scheduling conflicts.

All information is provided without guarantee.

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All information is provided without guarantee.