Barbara Ruscher - Mother is the Beast

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Satirically, bitingly and charmingly, the cabaret lady, WDR radio columnist and single mother Barbara Ruscher, who is well-known from TV programs (including "Ladies Night" etc.), once again tackles the burning issues of our time.
Who knows exactly who you are? Are you the 'earth, wind and eggs' type with a penchant for keeping your own chickens, but against wind turbines as soon as they are in front of your house? Where does social responsibility begin and where are the boundaries? Why is the neighbor a nature-loving stand-up paddling fetishist, but has a gravel garden of horror in front of the house? We behave ambivalently and Mother Earth is slowly getting fed up.
An evening about patchwork in the caravan, sustainability, partner portals, cancel culture, children, climate change, SUP, imprinting by parents, racism, puppy glut from the Dognet. Because since the lockdown, everyone has a pet. Those who don't have one have Alexa.

Barbara Ruscher is the great cabaret beast in two senses - unrestrainedly ripping society apart and at the same time best friend of the audience.
Let yourself be intoxicated by accomplished female satire at its finest. Wonderfully wicked, self-deprecating and, above all, incredibly funny.

After Barbara Ruscher at the latest, people know how absurd their lives actually are."(HAZ)

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photo: Guido Schröder

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