Barbara Ruscher - Mother is the Beast

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Sharp-tongued, intelligent and charming, the award-winning cabaret lady, WDR radio columnist and single mother Barbara Ruscher ("Ladies Night", "Mitternachtsspitzen") is once again tackling the burning issues of our time. It's going to be funny! Everyone is in a self-optimization frenzy, but who knows exactly who they are? Are you the "earth, wind and eggs" type, with a penchant for keeping your own chickens, but against wind turbines as soon as they appear in front of your house? Why is the neighbor a nature-loving stand-up paddling fetishist, but has a gravel garden of horrors in front of the house? We behave ambivalently and Mother Earth is getting fed up.
A very funny evening about patchwork, meat consumption, cancel culture, family, single parents, children's birthday parties that get out of hand as events, the mobility turnaround in recumbent bike mode, climate change, stand-up paddling, racism by rappers and unintentionally in the back of your own head. Barbara Ruscher is both the beast and the best - unrestrainedly tearing society apart and at the same time the audience's best friend. Let yourself be intoxicated by accomplished female satire at its finest. Wonderfully wicked, self-deprecating and, above all, incredibly funny.

My son asked me the other day what taxes are. I took a 43% bite out of his chocolate bar."

Photo: Guido Schroeder
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