Bea von Malchus - The 7 deadly sins

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A sit-down revue for hermits

Father Lucius, a hellishly clever chain smoker, lives in a construction trailer by a gravel pit. Two young men seek refuge and instruction from him: Anton, who wants to become a desert hermit, and Sebastian, who dreams of a peach-colored blazer and a life without his stressful mother. Father Lucius guides them both through the labyrinth of the 7 passions.
We meet Cain and Abel, Casanova and Medea, learn all about pride, envy and anger and finally understand why laziness is heavenly, how to have sex with the universe and why "Alnatura" is the gateway to hell.

The 7 deadly sins! - an evening of wonderful stories and short songs about our everyday passions.

"Disrespectful and clever! Bea von Malchus can tell stories like no other." Badische Zeitung

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Photo: Britt Schilling

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