Bea von Malchus - Pooh the bear

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Stories of Pooh the Bear based on the children's book by A. A. Milne
for children aged 6 and over and adults.

Pooh, conceived by A.A. Milne, a British children's author of the 1920s, is a bear of very little intellect who has become world-famous. On his passionate hunt for honey, he is flanked by his friend Piglet, a particularly small pig who fights heroically against his enormous fearfulness. Pu meets Iah, a depressed donkey who, against all expectations, has the best birthday of his life. He is helped by Owl, a true intellectual, who is rumored in the 160-acre forest to be able to spell Tuesday.

Narrative theater with stories full of quirky humor and delicious ideas.

"Bea von Malchus created a world. Sitting on an angler's chair, using only the power of her expressive voice, her facial expressions and her body, she transformed herself into everything these ludicrous stories need. And adults and children alike were enthralled by Pu's adventures in the 160-acre forest. A small, grandiose theater lesson for young and old."
Schwarzwälder Bote Schawi

"How can you feel so rewarded by a little hour? Not only from the absurd stories performed with virtuoso simplicity, but also from the friendly interaction that the actress cultivates with her young and old audience members. You giggled and fevered along, and then you didn't want to go home right away, but rather linger a little longer in this friendly room buzzing with bees, imagination and humor."
Holzer, Hessischer Rundfunk

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