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My book: ,,Säwentitu" is set in 1972.
There is canned ravioli, Tritop and Starship Enterprise. Richard Nixon bombs Vietnam and a policeman shoots Andreas Baader in the butt. I have to go to a girls' lyceum, write letters to my ski instructor, and have alternating crushes on Mark Spitz and Mark Twain.
In the evening, I ask Jesus important questions: Why aren't my breasts growing as fast as they should? And why is everything so beautiful?
Säwentitu is like a big box full of confectionery: all kinds of small, individually wrapped stories, funny, sad, poetic, political and often as silly as puberty is.
The reading:
At the beginning of the evening I do what I want.
After the break, the audience gets to decide what I read for them. Sometimes I hum very bad melodies from back then and whoever guesses them wins a Prilflume.
It could be quite an evening.
Click on the video below and I'll read you a little bit already!

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Photo: Britt Schilling

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