Beethoven 5 - Symphony No. 5 and Piano Concerto No. 5 - Philharmonia Frankfurt

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Thursday, 02.01.2025 | 20:00
FREIBURG | Konzerthaus (concert hall)

Friday, 03.01.2025 | 20:00
BERN | Casino Bern

Saturday, 04.01.2025 | 20:00
BASEL | Stadtcasino Basel - Musiksaal

Sunday, 05.01.2025 | 17:00
ST. GALLEN | Tonhalle

Beethoven Overture "Coriolan"
Piano Concerto No. 5
Symphony No. 5

Philharmonia Frankfurt
Conductor: Juri Gilbo
Soloist: Irina Georgieva

The god of all composers!

Beethoven is the giant among classical composers - you could almost call him the first pop star in music history, because his popularity, during his lifetime and after his death, was unique and unrivaled.

Born in Bonn in 1770 as the son of a musician, he revolutionized almost every musical field to which he made a compositional contribution. His tragic fate and unbridled temperament made him an artist who broke all chains and the god of all subsequent generations of composers.

Under the direction of Juri Gilbo, the Philharmonia Frankfurt will perform two of the most important works in music history: the 5th Symphony with probably the most famous motif of all musical works ever written, ta ta ta taaaa... and the 5th Piano Concerto together with the Basel-based pianist Irena Georgieva.
Top-class cast - unforgettable masterpieces!

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