Bendiks & Höneß - In Devil's Kitchen - Part 2

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Hardrock Variations in E-flat minor for piano and accordion

Bendiks & Höneß prove once again how heavenly "devil music" can be when you take away the electric guitar. Politically extremely incorrect, they dissect the greatest hits of rock history in front of everyone's eyes and ears and reassemble them--this is hilariously funny, sometimes intoxicatingly beautiful and always highly musical.
Is it a concert? Musical satire? Mischief? Yes, yes, yes!
The Lübecker Nachrichten rave: Musical spoofs with sense and understanding offer new possibilities of listening", the Goslarsche Zeitung cheers: "An extraordinary and absolutely worth seeing music spectacle ... a pleasure for hard rock lovers and friends of chamber music alike".
In part 2, Mr. Höneß may now also bring a few of his youth hits to the stage.
Mr. Bendiks is not amused ...
The two devils take on the really big topics: Did Bob Dylan really receive the Nobel Prize for Bohemian Rhapsody? What does the justifiably completely unknown Katharina Maier-Gluck have to do with Van Halen? How do heavy metal and disco fit under one hat?
Also this time: AC/DC, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Metallica ... and Bob Dylan ... and (unfortunately also) Baccara.

Get ready for ,,almost two hours of great musical entertainment and a permanent attack on the laughing muscles, tears of emotion included".
Stuttgarter Zeitung

Sascha Bendiks: vocals, accordion, percussion, ukulele, harmonica
Simon Höneß: piano, vocals, melodica

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Photo: Felix Groteloh

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