Benjamin Britten - War Requiem

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Freiburg Bach Choir, Bach Orchestra, etc. Conductor: Frank Markowitsch Conductor: Frank Markowitsch

Mandy Fredrich - Soprano
David Fischer - Tenor
Markus Eiche - Bass

Freiburger Bachchor
Freiburg University Choir
Colmar Children's Choir
Freiburger Domsingknaben (Einstud. Boris Böhmann)
Freiburger Bachorchester
Sinfonieorchester der Musikhochschule Freiburg

The world premiere of Benjamin
Britten's War Requiem took place in 1962 to celebrate the reopening
of Coventry Cathedral, which was almost completely
destroyed by German bombers in 1940 and rebuilt (in a modern way)
. Like the place of its
premiere, the work breathes the spirit of reconciliation and international unity.

The concert by the Freiburg Bach Choir - and numerous
other participants - in 2024 will
commemorate the bombing
of Freiburg in 1944. The performance of the War Requiem
and the supporting program (further information will follow
) will take place in close collaboration with
the NS Documentation Center, the Freiburg University of Music
and the Freiburg Research
and Teaching Center for Music.

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