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After things have been a little quieter around Berq in recent months, he will not only be performing at around 20 festivals this year, but has also announced his first own headline tour for the end of 2024. Twelve tour stops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are planned between November and mid-December.

"Original, fresh, courageous, bold" -- these are the attributes with which old master Herbert Grönemeyer described a number of young artists who are currently inspiring him in April 2023. This list also includes the name of a musician whose catalog only included two songs at the time: Berq. In the festival summer of 2023, things looked very different, with Berq playing 14 shows across Germany with his successful EP "Rote Flaggen".

In the meantime, he has been able to accompany successful artists such as Paula Hartmann, Schmyt, ENNIO and Jeremias on tour, has sung on "Inas Nacht" in Hamburg and, at the latest since his appearance on Jan Böhmermann's "ZDF Magazin Royale" with the Rundfunk Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld, his breakthrough has clearly been achieved.

Berq's swansongs weigh like lead, gripping from head to toe. They tell of lost love, of abysmal feelings, jealousy and fantasies of revenge; of the struggle with one's own shadow, of "red flags" that surround you from all sides, of an inner fire that threatens to burn out and of a final farewell. He is now bringing all of this to the stage at the end of the year.

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