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BEST OF MUSICALS. The success continues....

Outstanding performers with powerful voices enchant audiences with the most successful hits from the most popular musical productions. With dazzling costumes, acting talent, a top-class dance ensemble and a sophisticated light and sound concept, the BEST OF MUSICALS team transports the audience into the colorful dream world of 50 years of musical history.

The audience experiences a foray through soulful ballads in EVITA or ELISABETH, rousing hits from the musicals GREASE and MAMMA MIA as well as in WE WILL ROCK YOU. The top soloists leave nothing to be desired and also combine modern pieces such as THE ICE KINGDOM, SISTER ACT and KÖNIG DER LÖWEN into a captivating work of art. Highlights such as the incomparable songs from DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES or the classic THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA give visitors pause and provide goosebumps.

The ensemble around the professional entertainer Espen Nowacki loves the humorous bringing together of audience and stage. It leads through the evening with self-irony and witty-frivolous wit. With BEST OF MUSICALS, even less hardened musical fans are in a great mood. The humor and flirting with the audience during and between the performances let the guests and performers become one big family for a few hours. It is impossible to escape this atmosphere. Astonished, the audience asks after three hours of brilliant performances: "What, already over?"

An unforgettable evening with a mix of soulful ballads and rock hits in German, embedded in a grandiose stage design invites all ages to experience and enjoy.

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Corpus Delicti // 15+

30/11/2023 / 07:00 PM / Theatre in the Marienbad

Director: M. Kaschig // Players: D. Mohr, R. Huschenbett, J. Schulze

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