Moving Climate Feelings: Confronting Climate Change with Body and Play

Price: 89.00€

Every day we receive new news that brings the global challenges of climate change to our attention and we are usually left with a large bundle of feelings and emotions - how do we deal with feelings such as anger, sadness or powerlessness on a daily basis? How can we remain compassionate and active in the face of future predictions that feel threatening? In the group, we find expression and exchange around the topic of climate change and a playful way of dealing with climate feelings. To this end, we will use body-oriented theater exercises as well as playful exploration and feeling to connect heart, head and body together in order to search creatively for ways to deal with climate feelings. When the resources on the outside feel threatened, it is high time to mobilize the resources on the inside. The future worth living is right now - let's go and play!

Course number: 232204427

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