Birds of America: Hillbilly Heart Songs

The actress Dorothea Gädeke, who lived in the USA for some time, and the well-traveled musician Winfried Holzenkamp present musical treasures from Hillbilly Land, combined with a story by Annie Proux. "White Trash Hillbillies", homemade whiskey, guns behind every kitchen door, Christian fundamentalism and lots of horror films are set in this region, Donald Trump superstar - cliché upon cliché. A mountain range where poverty and musicality traditionally go hand in hand is the cradle of bluegrass and country music. Immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and Sweden blended a rich musical heritage here and famous country stars such as Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash came from hillbilly country...\. Gädeke, Dorothea. Artists:Dorothea Gädeke (vocals, banjo, reading)Winfried Holzenkamp (vocals, ukulele, banjo)

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