Black Forest Percussion Group: Ritual and Earth

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Our second concert for the 2024 season stands in contrast to the first. In this concert, we use a wide range of instruments and compositions from all over the world. Almost all of the works are about rituals or our connection with the earth; Andrea Venet's composition, on the other hand, is primarily inspired by her observations of her bulldog Shasti...! Nyokabi Kariuki's work is a soundscape based on the rainy season in her father's homeland in Kenya. Harrison and Skidmore's works both feature ritualistic elements, and Tristan Coelho's 'Smell of the Earth' is a tribute to the particular genre of 'found sounds' in the repertoire of percussion ensembles, while Volans' work is best described by its title, which translates as 'Fearless'. As with other concerts in previous years, we will also be involving amateur percussionists in this program.

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