BOB LOG III - Amazing Delta Blues Trash/USA

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Hello, I'm Bob Log the third and this is my guitar!" and off we go with THE Gran Senior of all one-man-bands, the
most unique slide guitarist of all times with his irresistible Delta Blues-Trash. Crunchy, bluesy, sometimes even a bit rockabilly then again AC/DC style and here and there a techno beat. Always well dressed in a tailor-made, skin-tight suit like human cannonballs wear on their stunt shows. The vocals always sung with a twisted undertone through a telephone receiver built into the helmet and the tempo often increased, so Bob Log III crashes through his songs with bass drum, his archtop guitar, clattering percussion sounds and above all his sensational and unmistakable charm. He sounds like a complete band with two drummers and three guitarists.
The blues hell breaks loose!
Fat Possum & Voodoo Rhythm Records

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