Bob Ross Workshop: Landscape Painting, Option 1: "Stormy Sea"

Price: 139.00€

Have you seen the TV show by American painter Bob Ross, who conjures up an entire mountain or seascape on canvas in just a few minutes? He has been inspiring millions of people with his "Joy of Painting" series for many years. In one day, you too have the opportunity to paint a given picture in just a few hours using this wet-on-wet technique - without any previous knowledge. Each individual work step, such as mixing the colors and applying them to the brush or painting knife, is demonstrated and described on the demonstration easel so that you can then immediately apply it yourself. If a work step does not work right away, corrections can be made. Throughout the course, you will be guided by certified Bob Ross instructor Heiko Fiedler. At the end of the course, you will go home with a finished painting, which experience has shown will not only impress you. All necessary materials such as canvas, brushes, paints, cleaning materials and easel use are included in the course fee. Please bring along: a transport container/cardboard box at least 40 cm x 50 cm to bring the still damp work home safely.

Course number: 241207440

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