Bodo Wartke

In Bodo Wartke's adaptation as solo theater, this Greek tragedy based on Sophocles - a paralyzing reminder of many a dusty German lesson - becomes a musical, entertaining, cheeky and intelligently presented classic that sweeps the audience away, raising the mood and the level of education in an instant. In 120 minutes, the piano cabaret artist manages to breathe life into the 14 characters in the tragedy with just nine props and the typical Wartke ingredients - intelligent wordplay and elegant rhyming cascades - without undermining the credibility of the story with his humorous adaptation. The story of Oedipus, the son of Laius, King of Thebes, who unknowingly kills his own father. And later, as a reward for freeing Thebes from the Sphinx, receives Iocaste, the king's widow and thus his own mother, as his wife. Bodo Wartke's version of Oedipus the King offers an accessible introduction to a justifiably famous legend, and not just for schoolchildren and students.

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