Bülent Ceylan

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"Yallah Hopp!" Everyone understands that, regardless of whether they have a migrant or Kurpfalz background. And even Oxford Germans understand immediately: BÜLENT has a spirit of optimism!

Corona has been defeated, Prince Charles is finally king and climate change can dress warmly. Or rather cold. Don't panic on the Titanic, there are no more icebergs anyway! BÜLENT gives the daily bad news the middle finger so that we can look to the future with fun again.

Harald discovers the advantages of artificial intelligence when flirting.

Anneliese thinks about the possibilities of separating from her husband. From A for lawyer to Z for cyanide.

Thor has osteoarthritis in his hammer arm and is now looking for a hammer for left-handers.

Hasan is facing a prison sentence and is planning his sex change. If anything, then women's prison.

Mompfred has finally had enough of Germany and has emigrated, on a trial basis. If only it weren't for all the foreigners...

And of course there is also a spirit of optimism at BÜLENT. Namely at 6 in the morning with his children, when he actually wants to sleep in!

So, Yallah Hopp, get your tickets!

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