Bulgarian Cartrader - Motor Songs Tour Vol.2

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Motor Songs Tour Vol. 2

Three likeable Bulgarian grannies are sitting in a village when they get a call from Bulgarian Cartrader - he asks his "Bulgarian Grandma Media Group" for help and afterwards you see them beating the promo drum with "Baba Yaga" vodoo: be it a click farm with real chickens, a stew with pickled "thumbs up" and a boiled-down photo of Harry Styles, or a magic horseshoe for the donkey called "Algorithm".

Whether they were also responsible for the sold-out shows of the 2023 tour or the nomination for the prestigious Music Moves Europe Award - you never know! Either way, it's an insight into the wondrous world of one of the hottest indie acts of recent years. With hits like Golden Rope or LAB, he has made it into various annual charts (radioeins, FM4, FluxFM) and found fans in the indie bubbles of the world at his shows from Sofia to Hollywood.

He is now entering the second round with his "Motor Songs Tour" and has announced 11 shows in March. New music is on top, which can now be admired live for the first time by the Bulgarian-born and gifted entertainer with his two favorite mechanics and invites you to the "Soft Moshpit"!

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30/11/2023 / 06:00 PM / Freiburg University of Music, Mathilde Schwarz Hall

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