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Bummelkasten's music videos are clicked thousands of times a day. With their completely mouth-made debut album "Irgendwas Bestimmtes", the one-man band from Berlin has gleefully planted itself on the German children's music shelves, euphorizing children, parents and non-parents alike. Their songs unfold a maelstrom that is hard to escape. No wonder: This pop-ideal a capella beatbox sound - which with its detailed arrangements as well as its vocal and musical playfulness comes across as wonderfully unsophisticated and entertaining - is looking for its equal not only in the children's sector. With sophisticated lyrics and stubborn humor, Bummelkasten leans far out of the box and thus explores new artistic territory.

"Will you please come!?" - the often-used, politely embellished phrase of many guardians - is so penetratingly demonstrated in the song of the same name and so often retorted by an infantile "Jaahaa" that it almost hurts. In "Wandern", a sinfully casual song about - well - hiking, the themes of nature and media consumption merge. But it's mainly Bummelkasten's quirky characters that kids get their money's worth out of: Max, the escalator-riding toilet paper thief. Susi, the toughest of all princesses, who likes to grill pony sausages and drive to the bakery in a monster truck. Shiny, the fairy of lights, who treats herself to a trip through the solar system, but quickly gets fed up with every planet she visits. Bulli Battmann, a nasty schoolyard terror who cries into his pillow at night, or janitor Klaus, the smartest janitor ever.

Since the first Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin, Bummelkasten has been the annual highlight of "Kidzapalooza", the parallel family branch. Stage appearances he denies laxly from the armchair. In addition to the wittily performed songs, it's his loop station interludes that are great fun. So take your sticky fingers off the sofa, take off your socks and go pee again: Bummelkasten is in town!

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