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The multinational Celtic folk band, which has won two Irish Music Awards and numerous other prizes, is celebrating 20 years on stage.

In 2003, four close folk musicians joined together to form CARA (Gaelic for friend) and to this day friendship plays a central role in the band, along with a shared love of the traditional music of Ireland and Scotland. In the 20 years of their existence CARA have gained an excellent reputation, often emphasizing their innovative arrangements, original compositions and songwriting as well as virtuoso performances and a charismatic stage presence. They create their own sound, in which the voices of the two singers Gudrun Walther and Kim Edgar are in the center. The vocal range stretches from dreamy ballads to archaic Gaelic mouth music to their own songs with a current socio-political reference, whereby the two lead singers Gudrun Walther and Kim Edgar always complement each other with somnambulistic certainty.
The songs alternate with fast-paced instrumentals that thrive on the virtuoso interplay of fiddle and uilleann pipes. The Irish bagpipes, which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017, are played by Cara newcomer Simon Pfisterer, who studied this extraordinary instrument at the University of Limerick. What also makes CARA special is the interaction of guitar and piano and the band's unusual and rhythmically and harmonically rich arrangements. They bear the signature of Jürgen Treyz, guitarist, producer and musical mastermind of the band.

From the opener to the encore, CARA sets highlights in their concerts, not least through the gripping solos contributed by each band member, and surprises the audience with ever new sounds. Rounded off by the charming-humorous presentation, an evening with Cara guarantees the highest musical enjoyment and the best entertainment. Tours and acclaimed concerts in the USA, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, France, Benelux, Austria, Italy and Switzerland are proof of the band's success story.
In their anniversary program CARA play favorite songs from 20 years - the fan community of the band was of course allowed to vote.

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