Carmela de Feo - tall! blonde! successful!

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La Signora, the funniest caterpillar in the German comedy and cabaret scene presents her new program: big! blonde! successful! A celebration of life, lust and Italian passion.
La Signora, the specialist for heartache, the laxative for worries, the pill against bad moods and the first aid for gloom, sweeps away the ballast of everyday worries, fears and doubts.
Who cares about reality when there is fantasy?
And why should you worship strangers when you have yourself!

tall! blond! successful!
After the bestseller: La Signora - First I come, and then nothing for a long time".
A show after which nothing is as it once was. La Signora, the only real one among all the fake Fuffzigern!
Tall! Blonde! Successful!
Stadium tour-Las Vegas-Hollywood-megadeal-no end of money!
,,And wenne willz, I take you with me!"

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Photo: Harald Hoffmann

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