Caveman - You collect, I hunt!

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CAVEMAN - You collect, I hunt!
With CAVEMAN, the American Rob Becker wrote the most successful solo play in the
history of Broadway. After CAVEMAN was acclaimed by an
audience of millions in the United States, the modern cave man is celebrating worldwide success. In this country, too,
the cult comedy, translated by Kristian Bader and directed by Esther Schweins,
delights everyone who is in, has been in or wants to be in a relationship.
CAVEMAN takes a unique look at the relationship between a man and a woman.
Tom, the likeable hero in the
thicket of relationships, is thrown out by his wife and meets his ancestor from the Stone Age in the "magic underwear circle", who
shares his millennia-old wisdom with him: Men are hunters and women are
gatherers. A fact that human evolution has still not been able to change
. What the average man has always suspected, Tom now knows first-hand
and asks himself: "Why don't we simply regard women and men as completely
different cultures? With different languages, different behaviors
and different origins?" Inspired by this insight, Tom analyzes the
strange universe of female collectors: This mysterious world of best
friends, shopping and sex. With an immense need to communicate, dry humor
and an ironic eye, Tom also observes the hunter's way of life. He reveals what
fulfillment "sitting around without talking" can mean, why men have to zap through the
television program and that a conversation among hunters begins and ends at the same time with the words
"Let's go into the cellar, drill things".

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