Christian Ehring

Christian Ehring is well-known as the host of "extra3" and as Oliver Welke's sidekick on the "Heute Show. Those who experience him live can also get to know an exceptionally versatile and sensitive stage artist. His new solo is called STAND JETZT. An omnipresent phrase in the polycrisis. As of now, nothing is known for sure. As of now, it is not clear which wars will continue to escalate. As of now, it is uncertain whether mankind will survive the climate catastrophe. The future can no longer be planned. Politics is nothing more than hectic damage limitation. And convictions are also obsolete faster than Anton Hofreiter can list weapons. The days when people were comfortable in the illusion that everything would somehow continue as before are over. At least that's how it looks - as of now. Is it still possible to laugh in the face of war and catastrophe, inflation and double whammy? Christian Ehring says: You have to. He faces his fears, speaks plainly and unmasks the larmoyance of the privileged. Even if he himself doesn't always come off well, it doesn't matter. The joke has right of way. That applies today more than ever. STAND JETZT is highly topical satire after the turn of the times. Of course, no one can say exactly what will happen between now and this evening, but this much is certain: Ehring will handle it. STAND NOW is going to be funny.

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