Christine Prayon - Farewell tour

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Dear audience! With "Abschiedstour", I'm going for the really big emotions after years of focusing on the really small emotions with my first program "Die Diplom-Animatöse".
If feelings are important to you, but you also like to think a little to relax, you should definitely see this program. It will be my last. So make sure you get your tickets quickly. Perhaps the word "farewell tour" triggers astonishment, sadness or even panic in you. That doesn't matter. That's exactly how I and my management intended it. A farewell increases the market value of this cabaret product many times over due to the emotional charge. It doesn't matter which farewell it is: Is Christine Prayon saying goodbye to the stage? Possibly. From her mid-40s onwards, a woman is an aesthetic provocation and, if she really loves her audience, is better off withdrawing from the public without being asked. Is cabaret dead? Possibly. When politicians try to be clowns, the clowns run into politics. Or are we talking about a farewell on a grand scale? The end of capitalism? Possibly.

REINGELEGT!!! Of course not possible. Capitalism is the last straw, but there is no alternative. End of the discussion. So which farewell now? As I said - it doesn't matter. The main thing is that you are now curious.

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Photo: Elena Zaucke

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