Christoph Simon - Tramp

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A residential quarter in the city. And in the center of the quarter: the coffee bar. It is a transit home for the traveling public, an office for online brokers. There are students in chat, federal officials in factual questions, mothers in breastfeeding break, fathers in hiding. When the sun shines a little, the coffee bar expands to cover the entire street.
In the midst of this everyday hustle and bustle: The Tramp. A freelance newspaper employee. A man who every day writes three things in his diary that he has achieved today. Often there are only two things.
He is the father of three daughters by three different mothers. The daughters find him embarrassing and uncool. They refer to his bodybuilding as "geriatric gymnastics." But he doesn't let that stop him from helping them deal with the hurdles of normal adolescence.
A midlife cowboy, in other words. Convinced that "from today everything will be different." And when he goes to the café, everything does change. But not in the way he had dreamed.

No, the story in "The Tramp" is not about global players. And yet - at best, the story takes us at a pleasurable pace from the stressful, sometimes cool, alienating here&now to a possible here&now that promises humanity and solidarity. Not everything turns out well, but things are better with each other.

Funny, witty, tender, cinematic. Do not expect too little!

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Photo: Michael Isler

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