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Ciné-club | On the night of the 12.

Price: from 5.00€ to 8.00€

On the night of October 12, Clara is alone on her way home from a party. As she walks through the streets, she encounters a man who douses her with gasoline and has her burned alive. Together with his colleague Marceau, Yohan investigates just about every man Clara has ever had a relationship with - almost anyone would have a motive, as the relationships were usually characterized by resentment and possessiveness. A whole panorama of abysses opens up to the two commissioners, and for Yohan in particular, working on Clara's case becomes more and more of an obsession. This murder has touched something in him that makes him doubt the world we live in....

"La nuit du 12" is inspired by the book "18.3 - Une année à la PJ" by Frenchwoman Pauline Guéna, who wrote down her experiences from a year of research work with the criminal police.

Municipal Cinema
Thursday, October 24 | 7:30 p.m.
Flavien Le Bouter
Admission: € 8 | € 5 reduced

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