Ciné-club | My fabulous crime

Price: from 5.00€ to 8.00€

Paris in the 1930s. The pretty but unsuccessful actress Madeleine Verdier is unexpectedly accused of the murder of a famous producer. On the advice of her best friend, the unemployed lawyer Pauline, she pleads guilty, although she did not commit the crime. A sensational trial follows, in which the clever Pauline pleads self-defense and Madeleine is promptly acquitted. Suddenly she is a star and is showered with lucrative role offers. But the day when the real culprit, silent film diva Odette Chaumette, wants to blow the whistle on the hoax comes sooner than expected.

Municipal cinema
Thursday, September 21 | 7:30 p.m.
Flavien Le Bouter
Admission: € 8 | € 5 reduced

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