Clueso - ZMF Freiburg

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Our visitors:inside certainly do not need to be introduced to Clueso, because with his five previous appearances he is one of the old familiar and always celebrated ZMF friends.

Clueso is undoubtedly an artist who constantly reinvents himself and yet maintains his own style. His music career is characterized by an impressive versatility that allows him to express himself in different genres and styles. At the same time, he never loses touch with his audience, as his honest lyrics often address topics that speak to many people from the soul.
His album "ALBUM", released in 2021, once again shows Clueso's ability to incorporate fresh sounds and innovation into his music while maintaining a familiar vibe. This mix of familiarity and innovation has made him a staple and celebrated fixture in the German music scene.

The things we're working on right now always feel the most intense and best, but sometimes they are. "For me, it's really a complete fresh start again," Clueso says.
"Most of all, I'm really excited about the >ALBUM

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