Comedy Night
Hosted by Julian Limberger

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Comedy Night - Hosted by Julian Limberger

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The next Comedy Night will take place on 06.06.2024 at 20:00 in the Jazzhaus Freiburg. After the last shows were completely sold out with over 200 spectators, this time the audience can look forward to four artists known from comedy formats such as the Quatsch Comedy Club and BR television.

Among them are:

- Florian Simbeck (BR Fernsehen)

- Bora Comedy (Night Wash)

- C. Heiland (ARD)

- tba

-Moderation: Julian Limberger

Stand-up comedian Florian Simbeck is known from film and television as Stefan von Erkan und Stefan and various comedy TV formats, such as "Die Komiker" on Bavarian television. Florian Simbeck is the #HonoraryDad Married? Children? Maybe teenagers in the house? Well then, condolences! "Nobody prepared us for what was to come with children, partners, dogs and all that. Now we're up to our necks in it." Says Simbeck. He has been a professional comedian for over 20 years. His American-style stand-up comedy appeals to an adult, modern audience; the topics cover all areas of everyday life in which almost everyone can find themselves: from life as a young family man, as a husband, to togetherness and the ups and downs, in short: everyone gets their money's worth and can't stop laughing.

Bora is a steam engine with a lot of heart, ghetto attitude and soul. His stories are a flight between social criticism, philosophizing on a balmy late summer evening with wine, a cigarette and an Earth, Wind & Fire song or like a wrecking ball falling on a cake. Bora's aim is to make every evening on stage so legendary, epic and loving that you simply feel happy. Because this loving comedian blablabla ... Bora himself doesn't think much of press releases. "I can tell you it's going to be a great, loving evening. I promise! I'm looking forward to seeing you." Bora says with a wink. He is known from Night Wash and the Quatsch Comedy Club, among others.

C. Heiland was born on January 1, 1977 in Castrop-Rauxel. The unfinished psychologist worked successfully for 10 years as a psychiatrist, beekeeper, store detective and DIY store mascot until he became a comedian. Heiland plays the "Omnichord" on stage, a rare Japanese instrument from the 1980s. The winner of numerous cabaret awards is a regular guest on all well-known German-speaking stages and also works as a bandleader and author. In his current program: "True beauty comes from the outside" is all about inner beauty, outer beauty, love and sausage salad. Nowadays, people inject silicone sealant under their skin in order to have supposedly more beautiful lips. And this in the age of microplastics. C. Heiland thinks: "You can get beguiling lips much more easily. It's enough to say a few nice words every day." C. Heiland finally clarifies the question of whether true beauty really comes from within and, if so, why it has lain there for so long.

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