Comedy Night
Host: Julian Limberger

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Comedy Night - Host: Julian Limberger

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On 18.01.2024 at 20:00 the next Comedy Night will take place at the Jazzhaus Freiburg. After the last shows were completely sold out with over 200 spectators, this time the audience can look forward to four artists known from comedy formats such as the Quatsch Comedy Club and Night Wash.

With it are:
-Julian Wolber (newcomer)
-Naim Jerome Antoine Sabani (Quatsch Comedy Club)

The Comedy Night is characterized by a colorful mix of cabaret and comedy contributions. Humorous and musical acts also await the audience. In addition to comedians known from radio and television, the Freiburg Jazzhaus also offers the opportunity to marvel at completely fresh newcomers. The Freiburg presenter and comedian Julian Limberger leads spontaneously and cheekily through the evening.

Fresh wind, gentle disposition and a breathtaking appearance describes not only the southern Black Forest and the origin of Julian Wolber, but also his stage presence.
Ever since he saw the light of day at Christmas, he has been putting people in a good mood and conquering the stage with charm and humor. So it came as no surprise that 3 years ago he swapped the quiet landscape of the Black Forest for the colorful lights of Cologne's stages.
As an actor and stand up comedian, Julian is now touring ever larger parts of all of Germany.
A master of improvisation and observational humor, Julian finds the funny moments in everyday situations. His life offers a lot of potential. Whether in three completely unrelated trainings, anecdotes from the village, financial crises, scenes from life in the rescue service or wild stories from his youth, everyone is sure to find himself in one or the other experience and gets the feeling to chat with an old friend.

Yes ? Naim ? Maybe ? Naim Jerome Antoine Sabani You first have to fill this name with life. Born in a beautiful French town in the Bredouille. He grew up in a small Swabian village where "Kehrwoche" and "Spätzle" are sacred. Where the difference between ,,Good" and ,,Net Schlecht" is only a for nothing. As a hairdresser and comedian, he manages the balancing act between half-truth and genuine wit. His lifestyle: He leads a breathtaking life between perms and doughnuts. If you like lively, ambiguous and dry gags, you've come to the right place. He calls himself a "person of kilograms" and always wants to lose 10 kg so that he doesn't come across as a currywurst on TV. Now he is still 19 kg short.

More artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

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