Comedy Night - Host: Julian Limberger

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On 19.10.2023 at 20.00 o'clock the next Comedy Night takes place in the Jazzhaus Freiburg. After the last shows were completely sold out with over 200 spectators, this time the audience can look forward to four more artists known from comedy formats such as the Quatsch Comedy Club, Night Wash and the NDR Comedy Contest.

With it are:
Chrisoph Maul (BR)
Peter Wehrmann (ARD)
Moderation: Julian Limberger

The Comedy Night is characterized by a colorful mix of cabaret and comedy contributions. The Freiburg presenter and comedian Julian Limberger leads spontaneously and cheekily through the evening.

Christoph Maul has made a name for himself in the cabaret & comedy scene in recent years. In addition to numerous appearances throughout southern Germany, he has also been seen a time or two in various television programs. In many mixed shows, but also with his full-length program, he regularly delights his audience with pointed and enigmatic humor. Since 2022, Christoph Maul has also been leading the ratings racer "Fastnacht in Franken" aua Veitshöchheim as the show's president. Skilfully, humorously and intelligently Christoph Maul serves in his program a multiplicity at topics, begun from the regional politics, over the national and federal politics up to national topics. But also social contradictions are not left out. Christoph Maul's favorite subject, however, is the madness of everyday life. Be it the problems of shopping in a supermarket or the challenges of a wedding while having to fend off cyclists. Rarely was so much and heartily laughed in a hall as with the appearance of the Franconian Christoph Maul" so writes the press among other things over one of its appearances. Never ending applause and standing ovation were the end of an evening which will remain in the memory of all present for a long time" was the conclusion after a mixed show. However, all these voices are nothing against the fun that the audience and also the artist have on a common evening."

Peter Wehrmann has been on the stages of this world since 1989. His passion is now his profession. He presents sounds and vocal drum grooves (human beatboxing). My vocal-rhythmic experiments started at the tender age of 5, that was in 1972(!). It fills me with gratitude to this day to be able to live out this passion with dedication with the most diverse projects and acts." So Peter Wehrmann. In the meantime he has been a guest in numerous TV shows (ARD, SAT1) and mixed shows.
The deceptively real musical reproduction of drums AND bass, an incredible variety of musical styles, an immense virtuosity without loop station and without technical effect shenanigans, a maximum of rhythmic timing and improvisational empathy as an accompanying vocal percussionist and a carefree solution-oriented handling of the entire performance situation without any airs and graces, this and much more belongs to my strengths to prepare my audience an unforgettably beautiful listening experience" says Wehrmann.

Further artists are still to be announced.

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