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A fairy tale for people aged 4 and up, based on the story: ,,Heidelberger Schlossterrassen"

What is more important? Baking or telling stories? Can cookies tell stories and stories bake cookies at the same time?

Anna woke up in the middle of the night. She forgot something important: She was supposed to bake cookies for the Christmas party at school. Desperately, she rummages through the baking books. Suddenly, Lilli the ghost whirls through the kitchen and offers to help. But how can a castle ghost help when he has a problem of his own?
A Cookie for Lilli' is a sensual, crazy-amusing Christmas fairy tale with an actress, a ghost, an accordion and a shortbread dough that turns into fragrant cookies.

Play: Marion Witt
Direction and text: Martin Leßmann

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All information is provided without guarantee.