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"I think I deal with things by preparing for the end," explains singer Brendan Murphy. "When I realize something is wrong or something is up, I can't just wait for it to happen. I start to anticipate disasters, and sometimes I actually bring these things on. A lot of this album is me mourning the loss of someone who's still alive, or saying goodbye to something that's not gone yet."
Murphy's preoccupation with endings ranges widely, from broken relationships to fading friendships to the death of loved ones - and even to his band.

The resulting album feels like Counterparts have nailed every element of their sound, resulting in their 11 most compelling songs to date. A Eulogy For Those Still Here opens with "Whispers of Your Death," a massive explosion of frantic, metal-heavy hardcore that spins between soaring leads and vicious riffs while Murphy's eye-rolling roar lays out a meditation on preemptive grief. "My cat Kuma was sick," he explains. "Even when the vet tells me he's fine, I think he's going to die. When he sneezes, I go to the worst-case scenario, and that was definitely the mindset I was in when I wrote these songs."

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