Dagmar and the organism - From the shadow of the organ

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There are two of them and they have an organ! Is that bad? Not necessarily!
Cabaret artist and singer-songwriter Dagmar Schönleber has brought in reinforcements and lets old and new songs shine in a completely different light: In the shadow of the organ, Christian Hostert manages keys, knobs and buttons and together they drift from lo-fi garage pop to reggae, techno and ballads - in short: organ punk.
In addition, there are lyrics with a hand on heart and ass on bucket - about hymns from the little shop and gossipers, about internet stress and comforting days. Dagmar und der Organismus show who and how the new mackers are and are as colorful as a melancholic chameleon on LSD. For friends of Ideal, Mambo Kurt, Stereo Total, also live a good mood band that makes people dance.

Special info: The basic idea for the band project and the pairing of Schönleber and Hostert came from Martin Bechler, the heart and head of the Cologne indie band "Fortuna Ehrenfeld", who oversaw the entire production process from behind the scenes.

Partly seated.

More info: https://dagmarundderorganismus.bandcamp.com/releases
more info: https://dagmarschoenleber.de

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