Dan & Dota
"De repente Fortaleza"

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Dan & Dota - "De repente Fortaleza"

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A reunion: 20 years after their first album together, the
Brazilian songwriter Danilo Guilherme from Fortaleza and the Berlin singer Dota
Kehr (more than 7 million Spotify plays, the last two albums in the top ten of the
German album charts) meet again. They write songs together that reflect their shared
history and capture the present. Together with guitarist
Regis Damasceno (who has already recorded with artists such as Arnaldo Antunes, Tom Zé, Maria
Bethânia and played live with, among others Gal Costa, Beto Guedes, Vanessa da Matta
and Céu) and drummer Ayla Lemos have created an exciting and contemporary
album entitled "Fortaleza", which combines MPB (musica popular do brasil) with a
modern sound and takes up the roots of the musicians involved in Ceará and
The first collaboration between Danilo and Dota was "Mittelinselurlaub" in 2003, an album
that left its mark both in Fortaleza and in Berlin.
The album "Sound and Shadow", which Dota recorded together with Regis, was created in Sao Paulo in 2008.
features guitarist Fernando Catatau and the well-known singer Chico Cesár as
musical guests.

The new album "De repente Fortaleza" will be released in summer 2024. The famous Chico Cesár will also do the honors here
and will once again sing a duet with Dota Kehr.

Several concerts are planned for the second half of 2024.

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